About wandr

wandr is a digital subscription travel magazine dedicated to inspiring and encouraging people everywhere to explore their surroundings. Our publication is built on the power of storytelling, to help you actively seek out what adventure means to you. We believe that the ability to tell a great travel story has value, and we want to connect travel writers with travel readers on the web.

We also believe that the potential for adventure is everywhere. You don't need to cross the globe, or the country, or even the street to find a real adventure. (Well, maybe the street!) The unknown is everywhere, sometimes right in your own backyard. We might have a lot to say about epic trails and national parks, but we're also going to try to get you to see your own neighborhood in a new light.

Listening to one person's stories over and over again can get kind of repetitive, so this project is a collaborative effort. We want to help writers and authors tell a story as it should be told- with a fully produced design that thoughtfully reinforces every word. If you want to try that out, we're still looking for experienced adventure travel writers! See the bottom of this page for all the juicy details!

wandr is Adventure Travel Stories

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It's been a long journey, but thanks to our beta testers we're almost ready to roll out wandr Magazine, Vol 2. If you'd like to be one of the first to experience it, sign up to be notified!

Travel Writers Wanted

Got a great story to tell? We want to help you tell it! Check out our travel writers for hire page for details!